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Colchester Archaeological Trust

MISCO Report 01: summary

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History and Antiquities of the most ancient Town and Borough of Colchester in the county of Essex
by Philip Morant

Date report completed: 1748
Location: Colchester
Map reference(s):
File size: 74,807 kb
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Significance of the results:
Keywords: History of Colchester, roman mosaic, roman coins, colchester castle, camulodunum, seige of colchester, local government, parishes of colchester, churches of colchester, charitable foundations

Summary. Essential history of Colchester especially for the medieval period up to 1748. Includes an account of the Roman finds made in the town.

Split into three books, breakdown of contents as follows:


Book I:

Chapter I:
·General Account of Colchester
·Location of the Town
·Main Streets
·Lanes and Alleys
·The Walls
·The Castle

Chapter II:
·Discussion as to the origins of the name ‘Colchester’
·Was Colchester the ancient Camulodunum?

Chapter III:
·Pre-Roman Colchester (Under ‘British’ rule)
·Roman Colchester
·Saxon Colchester
·Danish Colchester
·Norman Colchester
·History of the Siege

Chapter IV:
·The Trade of the Town
·Other events: Markets, Fairs etc

Chapter V:
·Privileges and Charters
·‘Half-year Land’
·Bounds of Colchester
·Local Government (Members, History, Duties)

Book II:

Chapter I:
·The Parishes of Colchester and Taxes
·St Mary’s at the Walls
·St Peter’s
·St Runwald’s
·St Martin’s
·Holy Trinity
·St Nicolas
·St James

Chapter II (parishes nearer the walls):
·St Botolph’s
·St Giles’s
·St Mary Magdalen’s
·St Leonard’s (alias; the Hyth)

Chapter III (most distant parishes):
·Green-Stead (or corruptly Grinstead)
·Bere-Church (alias; West-Doniland)

Chapter IV (an account of churches, chapels, etc)
·St John’s Abbey
·St Botolph’s Priory
·The Crouched Friers
·The Grey Friers
·St Anne’s Chapel
·St Helen’s Chapel

Chapter V:
·The Chantries of Colchester
·Orbits, Anniversaries, &co

Book III:

Chapter I (Gifts and Donations to Colchester):
·Sir Thomas White’s Gift
·Lady Judde’s Gift
·Mr Hunwicke’s Gift
·Mr William Turner’s Gift
·Mr Joseph Cox’s Gift to St Mary’s
·Mr Jeremiah Darnell's Gift of Coals to the parishes of St Mary's, St Peter’s, St Gile’s, and St Botolph’s
·Mr Thomas Ingram’s Gift to St Peter’s
·Mrs Anges Dister’s, alias ‘Leaches’ Gift to St Peters
·Lady Cresseild’s Gift to the Poor of H. Trinity
·Robert Franckham’s Gift to St Nicolas
·Mr Wegg’s Gift to St Nicolas
·The Gift of George Gildberd Esq. To All-Saints
·John Brewode’s Gift to All-Saints
·Gift to Poor Widows, in St Botolph’s and St Gile’s parishes
·Grant to the Parishes of St Botolph and St Mary Magdalen
·Gifts to St Leonard’s
·Sir John Swinerton’s Gift to Lexden
·Archbishop Harsnet’s Library

Chapter II (Charitable Foundations):
·Ralph Fynche’s Hospital, or Alms-House
·John Wenock’s Hospital, or Alms-House
·Mr Arthur Winsley’s Hospital

Chapter III:
·Free Schools
·Charity Schools

Chapter IV:
·Antiquities, Roman Pave­ments, Coins and Medals, &c found in Colchester. Including an account of the Tessellated Pavements.
·Ancient Dates on Two Houses
·Illustrations of Coins