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Colchester Archaeological Trust

CAT Report 109: summary

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Watching brief report: 93-97 Straight Road, Colchester
by Crossan, C

Date report completed: 31/10/2000
Location: Lexden, Colchester, Essex
Map reference(s): TL96422457
File size: 2784 kb
Project type: Watching brief (negative)
Significance of the results: Neg

Summary. The development involved construction of five houses on a backland plot at the west side of Straight Road, opposite the open stretch of the Triple Dyke. The initial visits took place during general topsoil stripping and the contractor's excavation of foundations for a row of garages. A number of obviously modern post-holes were apparent, also three indistinct but slightly darker patches which appeared to be modern. A strip foundation for garages along the north side of the access way to the rear of the site was briefly inspected. The only discernible interruption of any possible antiquity was a pit, ditch or possibly a natural feature. The profile was mirrored in the opposite section of the 50cm wide trench. Following the early visits in July the site closed down for an indeterminate time. No notification was received of the resumption of groundworks, which took place without inspection.