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CAT Report 392: summary

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An archaeological evaluation by metal-detecting on Kell Field, Petches Yew Farm, Finchingfield, Essex: September 2006
by Lister, Chris
(with contributions from Crummy, N)

Date report completed: 01/10/2006
Location: Finchingfield, Essex
Map reference(s): TL70063060
File size: 512 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results: Neg
Keywords: coins, lead object, iron object

Summary. A metal-detecting survey was carried out on Kell Field, Petches Yew Farm, Finchingfield, Essex in September 2006 prior to the removal of topsoil ahead of the construction of a proposed reservoir. The site was systematically surveyed, with all archaeological material plotted with a Total Station. The survey recovered abundant quantities of modern material, which was discarded on site, as well as fifteen items of potential archaeological interest. These included six lead objects, six iron objects and three coins, of which one is Roman. This last find is in keeping with the overall Roman character of the site, the rest of the material detected from the topsoil is not. It should be noted that, as this survey was limited to the topsoil only, other archaeological finds may still be present within the subsoil.