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CAT Report 591: summary

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Report on an archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at The Cedars, Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, Suffolk - April 2011
by Adam Wightman

Date report completed: April 2011
Location: The Cedars, Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, Suffolk
Map reference(s): TM 087 381
File size: 5,490 kb
Project type: Evaulation
Significance of the results: neg
Keywords: post-medieval

Summary. An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching was carried out in March 2011 in advance of the construction of three detached dwellings and detached garages at The Cedars, Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, Suffolk.

The evaluation has revealed no significant archaeological deposits and has shown that this site has not been the focus of any significant activity in the past. The artefactual evidence suggests some activity in the area during the post-medieval period and tree-throw pits containing 19th/20th century artefacts in the backfill attest to the presence of an orchard on the site in recent times. The fruit trees have subsequently been removed from the area of the proposed development and replaced with grass. Two post-holes identified in Trench 2 are probably the remains of a 19th/20th century fence line. No other archaeological deposits or palaeosols were uncovered.