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CAT Report 1064: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at Lynfield House, 33 High Street, Stock, Essex, CM4 9BD: February 2017
by Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Stephen Benfield)

Date report completed: February 2017
Location: Lynfield House, 33 High Street, Stock, Essex, CM4 9BD
Map reference(s): TQ 6916 9893 (c)
File size: 4,931 kb
Project type: Archaeological evaluation
Significance of the results: *
Keywords: modern, pits, post-holes, brick plinth, ditch/linear feature, infilled pond with drainage ditch

Summary. An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching (three trial-trenches) was carried out at Lynfield House, 33 High Street, Stock, Essex in advance of the demolition of extensions to the present house, construction of a new garage and two new houses, and residential conversion and extensions to a barn. Pottery manufacture was an important industry in Stock from the 16th to the 19th centuries, with kilns and pottery waste being found at several locations within 300m of the site, at Mill Road, Common Lane and Common Road. The evaluation revealed modern pits, post-holes, a brick plinth, a ditch/linear feature and infilled pond with drainage ditch, all of which appear to be associated with garden features and an old builders' yard.