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CAT Report 1293: summary

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Archaeological evaluation at The Ramparts, Haynes Green Road, Layer Marney, Essex CO5 9UF: June 2018
by Dr Elliott Hicks
(with contributions from Mark Baister, Sarah Carter)

Date report completed: July 2018
Location: The Ramparts, Haynes Green Road, Layer Marney, Essex CO5 9UF
Map reference(s): TL 9079 1767
File size: kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:

Summary. An archaeological evaluation by test-pitting (twelve test-pits) was undertaken at The Rampart, Haynes Green Road, Layer Marney, Essex in advance of the construction of a temporary rural workers’ dwelling, covered horse yard and stables, fodder store and foaling stable, and exercise manège. The site is located in the historic Haynes Green, and close to a prehistoric rampart and a number of cropmarks. Despite being located in an area of archaeological importance, however, no significant archaeological remains were uncovered.