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CAT Report 1676: summary

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Archaeological monitoring of a cable trench on land at Woodside Green, Great Hallingbury, Essex, CM22 7UP April 2021
by Dr Elliott Hicks
(with contributions from Dr Matthew Loughton and Laura Pooley)

Date report completed: June 2021
Location: Woodside Green, Great Hallingbury, Essex, CM22 7UP
Map reference(s): TL 52093 18144 (centre)
File size: 3623 kb
Project type: Archaeological monitoring
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Woodside Green, Great Hallingbury

Summary. Archaeological monitoring was carried out on land at Woodside Green, Great Hallingbury, Essex during the excavation of a fibre optic broadband cable trench. Woodside Green forms part of a historic landscape which also consists of a number of areas of ancient woodland, and is lined with numerous listed buildings, a number of which are to be recipients of the broadband cable. Despite lying in an archaeologicallysensitive area, no features were uncovered, although for most of its length the cable trench did not penetrate beyond modern and post-medieval layers. Artefacts dating to the Roman, medieval, post-medieval and modern periods were recovered, evidencing activity at the site across these periods.