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CAT Report 1682: summary

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Archaeological investigation at Alresford Hall, Ford Lane, Alresford, Essex, CO7 8AY: June 2021
by Laura Pooley
(with contributions from Dr Matthew Loughton and Alec Wade)

Date report completed: 06/2021
Location: Alresford Hall, Ford Lane, Alresford, Essex, CO7 8AY
Map reference(s): TM 07363 20451 (centre)
File size: 3476 kb
Project type: Evaluation
Significance of the results:
Keywords: Alresford Hall

Summary. An archaeological investigation took place at Alresford Hall, Ford Lane, Alresford, Essex following a retrospective planning application for the construction of a swimming pool. Alresford Hall is an early 18th-century Grade II listed building and the swimming pool was located within one of the mid 19th-century walled gardens. Spoil from the swimming pool was investigated for finds retrieval and contained material of later post-medieval/modern date, likely from activities within the walled garden and wider estate. There was no evidence within the spoil that any earlier archaeological remains had been truncated when the pool was built.