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Colchester Archaeological Trust

MAG Report 11: summary

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The Colchester Archaeologist 1998
by Mike Corbishley, Philip Crummy, Ralph Jackson, Adam Menuge, Fred Nash, Andrew Philips, Don Shimmin, Dr Patricia Smith, John Peter Wild
(with contributions from David Hill, John Prentice, Dr Paul R. Sealey, Mark Taylor)

Date report completed: 1998
Map reference(s):
File size: 4813 kb
Project type:
Significance of the results:
Keywords: mercury theatre, fingringhoe mill, st mary's hospital, stanway, gosbecks, william wire, mick aston, butt road, dna

Summary. Articles:- News, Small projects 1997: the Mercury theatre; Fingringhoe mill; St Mary's hospital; High Street Jacklins' shop, End of the Stanway Dig, Monumental Roman buildings at Gosbecks Archaeological Park, ASDA superstore site, William Wire Biography, Roman wall in hotel foyer, Mick Aston in conversation, Butt Road cemetery DNA research, Making Roman glass today, The Rose & Crown Hotel building survey, The WW2 defences of Colchester, Around the county Essex in 1997, Archaeology for young people, The Friends of the Trust, Glass chariot race cup, Roman stacking counters.