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CAT Reports related to church

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CAT Report 33:Survey of Virley church, Salcott-cum-Virley, Essex
CAT Report 35:A watching brief at St Mary's Arts Centre, Church Street, Colchester, in 1999
CAT Report 39:Archaeological evaluation at St Botolph's priory, Colchester
CAT Report 68:A report on test-pits dug in the churchyard of St Leonard's church, Hythe Hill, Colchester, Essex: March 2000
CAT Report 71:Engineers' trial work in St Botolph's priory grounds, Colchester, Essex - January 2000
CAT Report 72:A report on test-pits dug at the church of St James the Great, East Hill, Colchester, Essex: March 2000
CAT Report 76:A report on an archaeological evaluation at the church of St Peter ad Vincula, Coggeshall, Essex: March-April 2000
CAT Report 89:A watching brief at St George's Church, Great Bromley, Essex: August 2000
CAT Report 96:A watching brief at the former St Botolph's parish hall, 1 Priory Street, Colchester, Essex: September 2000
CAT Report 104:Recording work at Holy Trinity church, Trinity Street, Colchester
CAT Report 117:A watching brief on the erection of a gate and railings in St Botolph's priory grounds, Colchester: May - June 2000
CAT Report 137:A watching brief at the site of the former St Paul's church, Belle Vue Road, Colchester, Essex: September-October 2001
CAT Report 143:An archaeological watching brief at St Botolph's Church, Colchester, Essex - April-June 2001
CAT Report 151:An archaeological watching brief at St Peter ad Vincula Church, Coggeshall, Essex: July 2001-June 2002
CAT Report 178:An archaeological evaluation on the west side of St John's abbey precinct wall, along Mersea Road, Colchester, Essex: February 2002
CAT Report 196:A record of part of the precinct wall of St John's abbey, Colchester, Essex: February 2002
CAT Report 254:An archaeological watching brief at All Saints' Church, Great Braxted, Essex: November 2003
CAT Report 278:An archaeological evaluation at Bocking Hall, Bocking Churchstreet, Bocking, Essex: August 2004
CAT Report 308:A watching brief at St Nicholas' Church, Little Wigborough, Essex: February 2005
CAT Report 346:A medieval cemetery at All Saints' church, Great Stanway, Essex (Colchester Zoo): September-October 2005
CAT Report 350:An archaeological evaluation at St Nicholas' Church, Copt Hall Lane, Little Wigborough, Essex: November 2005
CAT Report 400:A watching brief at St Andrew's Church, Marks Tey, Essex: November-December 2006
CAT Report 410:Watching brief report: St Giles' Church, Great Maplestead, Essex: November 2006-February 2007
CAT Report 417:An archaeological excavation of test-holes at St Barnabasà Church, Alphamstone, Essex: March and May 2007
CAT Report 434:Crouched Friars: the medieval church structure and its associated cemetery at 38-40 Crouch Street, Colchester, Essex - January-April 2007
CAT Report 482:An archaeological watching brief at St Leonard's Church, Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex - October 2007-February 2008
CAT Report 510:An archaeological watching brief at St Maryís Church, Church Hill, Lawford, Tendring, Essex, February 2009
CAT Report 517:An archaeological watching brief at St Leonardís church, Hythe Hill, Colchester, Essex: June 2009
CAT Report 559:An archaeological watching brief at St Leonardís church, Hythe Hill, Colchester, Essex: May 2010
CAT Report 601:St John's abbey church: An evaluation at the Garrison Officers Club, St John's Green, Colchester, Essex - February-March 2011
CAT Report 737:Archaeological monitoring during the installation of floodlights at the Colchester Garrison Officersí Club, St Johnís Green, Colchester, Essex - October 2013
CAR Report 09:Colchester Archaeological Report 9: Excavations of Roman and later cemeteries, churches and monastic sites in Colchester, 1971-85
MAG Report 3:The Colchester Archaeologist 1989-0
MAG Report 4:The Colchester Archaeologist 1990-1
CNL Report 10:Catalogue - Winter 1982
MISCO Report 02:'The Roman temples of Colchester', in 'Temples, Churches and Religion: Recent Research in Roman Britain' (ed Warwick Rodwell, BAR British Series 77