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CAT Reports related to human bone

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CAT Report 46:A watching brief and excavation at Sovereign Crescent, Colchester (formerly Colchester maternity hospital): 1998
CAT Report 51:Watching brief report: 54 Creffield Road, Colchester
CAT Report 54:An archaeological evaluation at the Garrison sports ground, Circular Road North, Colchester: January 2000
CAT Report 58:An excavation at 47 Butt Road, Colchester
CAT Report 68:A report on test-pits dug in the churchyard of St Leonard's church, Hythe Hill, Colchester, Essex: March 2000
CAT Report 72:A report on test-pits dug at the church of St James the Great, East Hill, Colchester, Essex: March 2000
CAT Report 75:Watching brief report: NCP car park, Nunns Road, Colchester
CAT Report 76:A report on an archaeological evaluation at the church of St Peter ad Vincula, Coggeshall, Essex: March-April 2000
CAT Report 80:Evaluation at 26 West Lodge Road, Colchester: August 2000
CAT Report 96:A watching brief at the former St Botolph's parish hall, 1 Priory Street, Colchester, Essex: September 2000
CAT Report 110:Report on an archaeological watching brief of geotechnical test-pits: Colchester Garrison PFI site
CAT Report 112:Watching brief report: 4A East Hill, Colchester
CAT Report 117:A watching brief on the erection of a gate and railings in St Botolph's priory grounds, Colchester: May - June 2000
CAT Report 137:A watching brief at the site of the former St Paul's church, Belle Vue Road, Colchester, Essex: September-October 2001
CAT Report 138:Archaeological excavations at the Garrison sports pitch, Circular Road North, Colchester, Essex (Abbey Field): February-March 2000
CAT Report 151:An archaeological watching brief at St Peter ad Vincula Church, Coggeshall, Essex: July 2001-June 2002
CAT Report 156:An archaeological watching brief at St Peter's Vicarage, North Hill, Colchester, Essex: September 2001
CAT Report 187:An archaeological evaluation on land adjacent to 2 Alexandra Road, Colchester, Essex: April 2002
CAT Report 244:An archaeological watching brief on a gas-pipeline trench along Culver Street West, Colchester, Essex: May-July 2003
CAT Report 252:An archaeological watching brief and recording at Brightlingsea Quarry, Moverons Lane, Brightlingsea, Essex: October 2003
CAT Report 254:An archaeological watching brief at All Saints' Church, Great Braxted, Essex: November 2003
CAT Report 270:Colchester Garrison PFI project: Stage 2 archaeological excavation assessment report
CAT Report 271:An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area C1X and Area C2X of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex: May 2004
CAT Report 277:An archaeological evaluation at 38-40 Crouch Street, Colchester, Essex: July 2004
CAT Report 288:An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area J1 of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex: September 2004
CAT Report 292:The Colchester Garrison PFI project, Colchester, Essex: a report on the 2003 excavation of Areas 2, 6, 10: August-November 2004
CAT Report 293:An archaeological watching brief at Merly House, 21 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex: March-June 2004
CAT Report 308:A watching brief at St Nicholas' Church, Little Wigborough, Essex: February 2005
CAT Report 312:Excavations at Abbotstone field, Bell House Pit, Tarmac Colchester Quarry, Warren Lane, Stanway, Colchester, Essex: 1999-2001
CAT Report 318:An archaeological evaluation, watching brief and limited excavation at 15 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex: September 2004-September 2005
CAT Report 343:An archaeological evaluation and subsequent watching brief at the Chelmsford park and ride site, A414 Maldon Road, Sandon, Essex: September -November 2005
CAT Report 345:A Roman temple-tomb at Colchester Royal Grammar School, 6 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex: August-September 2005
CAT Report 346:A medieval cemetery at All Saints' church, Great Stanway, Essex (Colchester Zoo): September-October 2005
CAT Report 352:An archaeological evaluation at Colchester High School, 17 Wellesley Road, Colchester, Essex: November-December 2005
CAT Report 358:An archaeological evaluation for a new car park on the Abbey Field, south of Circular Road North, Colchester, Essex: March 2006
CAT Report 361:Assessment report on the archaeological investigations carried out on Areas C1, C2, E, J1, O, Q and S1 of the Alienated Land, Colchester Garrison, including the Time Team trenches and the Alienated Land watching brief
CAT Report 362:An archaeological evaluation at 3 Oxford Road, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2006
CAT Report 367:An archaeological excavation at the 'Skyline 120' business park, Great Notley, near Braintree, Essex: January-February 2006
CAT Report 400:A watching brief at St Andrew's Church, Marks Tey, Essex: November-December 2006
CAT Report 409:An archaeological evaluation at Jarmin Road, Colchester, Essex: January 2007
CAT Report 410:Watching brief report: St Giles' Church, Great Maplestead, Essex: November 2006-February 2007
CAT Report 413:Stage 1b archaeological evaluation, Alienated Land Area H, Colchester Garrison, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2007
CAT Report 441:An archaeological watching brief at St Michael's Church, Kirby-le-Soken, Essex July and October 2007
CAT Report 510:An archaeological watching brief at St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, Lawford, Tendring, Essex, February 2009
CAT Report 567:An archaeological watching brief at St Botolph’s Priory, Colchester, Essex: April-May 2010
CAT Report 570:An archaeological watching brief at the Old Library, Town Hall, West Stockwell Street, Colchester, Essex: October 2009
CAT Report 582:An archaeological watching brief at 12 St Clare Road, Colchester, Essex - November 2010
CAT Report 694:An archaeological watching brief at Pinnacle House, 21 St John’s Green, Colchester, Essex - April 2013
CAT Report 814:Archaeological investigations in Upper Castle Park, Colchester, Essex: April 2014-January 2015
CAT Report 893:Archaeological excavation and monitoring on land to the rear of Chapel House, Chapel Green, Little St Mary’s, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9HX: February-November 2015
CAT Report 969:Archaeological monitoring and recording at 51-53 Butt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3BZ: May-June 2016