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CAT Reports related to cremation

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CAT Report 5:Archaeological evaluation at the former maternity home, Lexden Road, Lexden, Colchester, Essex: summary report - August 1997
CAT Report 271:An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area C1X and Area C2X of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex: May 2004
CAT Report 288:An archaeological evaluation by trial-trenching at Area J1 of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex: September 2004
CAT Report 289:An archaeological excavation at Birch Pit northern extension, Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex: June-August 2003
CAT Report 292:The Colchester Garrison PFI project, Colchester, Essex: a report on the 2003 excavation of Areas 2, 6, 10: August-November 2004
CAT Report 293:An archaeological watching brief at Merly House, 21 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex: March-June 2004
CAT Report 312:Excavations at Abbotstone field, Bell House Pit, Tarmac Colchester Quarry, Warren Lane, Stanway, Colchester, Essex: 1999-2001
CAT Report 318:An archaeological evaluation, watching brief and limited excavation at 15 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex: September 2004-September 2005
CAT Report 343:An archaeological evaluation and subsequent watching brief at the Chelmsford park and ride site, A414 Maldon Road, Sandon, Essex: September -November 2005
CAT Report 345:A Roman temple-tomb at Colchester Royal Grammar School, 6 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex: August-September 2005
CAT Report 352:An archaeological evaluation at Colchester High School, 17 Wellesley Road, Colchester, Essex: November-December 2005
CAT Report 358:An archaeological evaluation for a new car park on the Abbey Field, south of Circular Road North, Colchester, Essex: March 2006
CAT Report 362:An archaeological evaluation at 3 Oxford Road, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2006
CAT Report 383:Archaeological investigations at Birch Pit western extension, Maldon Road, Colchester, Essex: 2004 and 2005-6
CAT Report 413:Stage 1b archaeological evaluation, Alienated Land Area H, Colchester Garrison, Colchester, Essex: January-February 2007
CAT Report 418:An archaeological excavation at the Chelmsford park and ride phase II site, Sandon, Essex: June-July 2006
CAT Report 545:Report on an archaeological trial-trenching evaluation: land to south of railway line, Westerfield Road, Ipswich, Suffolk - November 2009-February 2010 and October-November 2010
CAT Report 582:An archaeological watching brief at 12 St Clare Road, Colchester, Essex - November 2010
CAT Report 1033:Roman burials: archaeological excavation (Stage 2) on Colchester Garrison 'Alienated Land' Area H, off Butt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 2DL: September 2012–February 2013
EAS Report 20:Volume 13, 1981: A 'Belgic' Cremation Burial Found at West Mersea.
MAG Report 14:The Colchester Archaeologist 2001